Chéri came to life from the desire to find the bikini with the perfect shape and material. The idea behind the brand is very simple: creating a bikini which surprises who wears and visualizes it.

All Chéri bikinis are handmade in Italy; meticulous attention is invested in the production process, moreover only the highest quality materials are selected and our effort to continoulsoy research innovative fabrics is our pride.
The design and fit of Chéri bikinis has been conceived to enhance the female curves, giving whoever wears them the confidence to feel beautiful in their own skin.

Colour schemes have been selected according to the latest trends.
Everything for one reason: making Chéri girls unique.

Chéri was born from the vision of two INSIDE CHERI young girls; Carolina Rulli, 22 and Alessandra Branchesi, 23. Having terminated their Masters Degree at Luiss Business School in “Fashion and Luxury Strategy”, they decided to entertain an entrepreneurial path.

This decision gave life, in December 2016 within heart of Rome, to Chéri.
Initially, the brand established its name via private sales and word of mouth, successively, having attracted customer attention, the choice was made to focus on sales via re-distributors, thus building a strong distribution channel; taking determinant initial steps, firstly within the context of Rome and successively Milan; investing efforts in London.

Chéri has quickly become a juvenile and trendy brand, worn by influencers and IT-girls throughout Europe.
The brand then further expanded its connections and networking, investing in a collaboration with the globally renowned brand Toy Room, which resulted in the conceivement and creation of the capsule collection “ChériXToyRoom”.

The collection, defined by a modest number of models differentiating themselves for their ability to capture the essential characteristic of a life-loving spirit. In regards to the ss18 collection, Chérie has in store a plethora of surprises.

For now all we can say is that the shooting will be taken in one of the most ambitious locations at the moment: Algarve, Portogallo.